Date: 20-02-2019

NEWS – PINN Releases Portugal Site Visit Learnings

PINN, Proactive International Network for Newborn and Young Children, went to visit Coimbra (Portugal) to learn from local Prevention and Intervention Services in the Early Years.

PINN, which second acronym stands for Portugal, Ireland, the Netherlands and Norway, went with a delegation of twelve participants to take part in a 3-day program of discussion, debate and lectures, and made visits to local educational and family support settings and sharing of practice and experiences from the field.

The focus of this visit was Prevention and Intervention in the Early Years. Subsequently, the peer learners released a report on their visit, comprising of both highlights and an overview of follow up actions planned as a result of this visit.

The consortium consist of the following members

  • Ireland, Prevention and Early Intervention Network (Project Coordinator)
  • Portugal, University of Coimbra
  • Netherlands, International Child Development Initiatives – ICDI (ISSA Member)
  • Norway, University of Tromsø

The report is accessible HERE