Date: 30-04-2019

NEWS – See Leiden’s Early Years Services in Action

Within, and surrounding, the City of Leiden we have orgranized a variety of interesting field visits. These visits feature a diverse array of services. Choose from a primary school, several childcare centers, as well as organized playgroups, outdoor community activities, and a preventative care service.

Join us at the ISSA Conference 2019 to see how Leiden has put inspirational practices in action in order to create nurturing spaces for young children and their families.

Practical info
Are you curious about how the City of Leiden organizes is early years services? We have arranged 10 post-conference Field Visits on June 20th.

Don’t miss out! The deadline for signing up to attend a field visit is 30 May 2019. You can find more information on all the sites here. The field visits are open to everyone who registered for the ISSA Conference 2019. However, you must reserve your spot ahead. Haven’t registered yet? Learn how to register here.

Not sure, yet? Get in touch to ask a question. And, stay tuned. We’ll be sharing more details on what your peers have prepared for you during all the parallel sessions and plenaries!