Date: 07-03-2019

NEWS - Differences Vanish in Inclusive Children's Play Hubs

Offering children a safe and inspiring place to play and learn. It is the main thought behind TOY for Inclusion, an initiative with now eight indoor playgrounds in seven European countries.* 

Last year, over 4000 children came to play in the indoor playgrounds and toy libraries, together with parents, grandparents and other caretakers. Some 30% of the children were of Roma origin.

TOY for Inclusion made special efforts to help Roma children participate more in public learning and playing facilities. Hoping that this will shorten the gap for them to enlist in early childhood services such as kindergartens and preschools. 

The Play Hubs are visited by children of the society at large. The first testimonies show that the Play Hubs are very succesful in overcoming perceived cultural differences. 

The very promising results of 2018 can be found HERE

*One in Belgium, Croatia, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and two in Italy.