Date: 05-03-2019

NEWS - EDUCAS: How to Create a Child Supporting Environment?

How do you create ECEC environments that support children’s development in a holistic way, taking into account the diverse needs of children and families, with special attention to the ones at risk of social exclusion? That is exactly what the new project, EDUCAS - Creating child and family friendly learning spaces in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centers, aims to do.

In EDUCAS, ISSA partners with two ISSA members, VBJK and the Center for Innovative Education. VBJK will act as coordinator of the project. Another research partner, University of Parma will also be a part of the project and several early childhood education and care centers.

Project activites
This three-year project will create locally developed Continuous Professional Development paths that are tailored to the contexts in which the ECEC centers are working. The project aims to improve the organization of these ECEC centers’ space and materials within the educare approach.

The methods used, as well as the experiences identified during this project, will be used to develop a training kit and recommendations for policy and practice that are relevant for both the local and EU levels.

More about EDUCAS and its upcoming project materials here.


Photo Credit: © Caroline Boudry