Date: 24-04-2019

NEWS - First Look at the ISSA Conference 2019 Sessions

When you think of nurturing environments which enhance the wellbeing of young children and their families, what words come to mind? See what keywords are appearing in various parallel sessions.

ISSA Conference 2019 will not only unpack the state-of-the-art in the early childhood research, policy and practice, but move beyond and lay the foundations for pursuing a systemic and dynamic approach to ensuring nurturing environments, around and for the wellbeing of children and their families. Home, service and community environments should not operate in silos. Only the synergy between these can ensure Nurturing Environments for the Wellbeing of Children and their Families. Get a first glance into the conference strands…

Strand #1 Nurturing Home Environments for Young Children

The home environment plays a pivotal role in children’s development and wellbeing. It is the first place where children start learning about feeling safe and loved, about themselves, the (significant) others and the world around them. This strand explores how we can best support families to provide nurturing home environments for their children.

How will we dive further into this topic?

Under Strand #1 look for video presentations, practical examples of innovative approaches and services, simulations of early intervention programs implementation, visual maps and guides. Sessions under Strand #1 will provide space to share and learn the most relevant approaches to ensuring safe, loving and enabling home environments for children.


Check what resulted from the abstracts of all sessions under Strand #1 in the word cloud!

Strand #2 Nurturing Environments in Services for all Young Children

Through their daily operations, all services for young children and their families express the values and beliefs they embrace, their understanding of the growing demands and needs of children and their families, as well as their capacity and commitment to meet these needs. To what extent are early childhood services today providing nurturing environments for all children and families?

How will we dive further into this topic?

In order to navigate you through the most up-to-date approaches to ensure enabling services for children and their families, parallel sessions under Strand #2 will use educational packages, present work models, hands-on tools and toolboxes, mobile applications and digital intervention approaches for professionals, their work on concrete cases, peer learnings, examples of policy implementation, and advocacy and professional development packages.

Check what resulted from the abstracts of all sessions under Strand #2 in the word cloud! 

Strand #3 Nurturing Environments for Young Children and Families in their Communities/Cities

The way community and city environments look and feel represents a local political and policy choice for the wellbeing of all young children and their families. They are not neutral places—they are integral parts of everyday life for children and families. How nurturing are contemporary community environment for children and their families?

How will we dive further into this topic?

Strand #3 will provide an in-depth exploration of nurturing environments in communities/cities for children and their families through live exhibitions, augmented reality, tools for occasional and flexible nurseries, practical tips, personal lived-experiences, videos and photos, activity materials, animated programs and play. Get inspired to make meaningful shifts in the way you think about nurturing communities and cities.


Check what resulted from the abstracts of all sessions under Strand #3 in the word cloud! 


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Not sure, yet? Get in touch to ask a question. And, stay tuned. We’ll be sharing more details on what your peers have prepared for you during all the parallel sessions and plenaries!