Date: 13-02-2019

NEWS - The INTESYS project is coming to a close, what are the outcomes?

INTESYS focuses on piloting new approaches to Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) systems in Europe with a view to ensuring that children and families in vulnerable situations have access to high-quality ECEC provided by services that are better integrated across the different sectors (education, health, welfare, etc.), professions and across age groups and governance levels.

Ahead of the project’s closing conference in April, the INTESYS consortium is releasing some highlights from their evaluation.

Supporting vulnerable children through integrated early years services



Changes for the workforce
Across the pilots, professionals reported feeling more competent in their work and better able to identify the needs of the children they work with. Those involved in the project noted that the ability to meet professionals from other sectors and being part of a network as interesting and core to their ability to work in an integrated way.

Changes for parents and children
Parents from pilot countries indicated increased positive perception of the services offered to their children during the INTESYS project and showed that the integration of various services were able to improve the situation of children having difficulties in kindergartens.


Policy recommendations and an outcome report will be released soon, ahead of and April's closing Conference, Strengthening integration within early childhood systems – why and how?. Learn more about the conference here.