Date: 09-05-2019

NEWS - Marking Father's Day with Gender Equity in Parenting Workshop

On June 16 many countries celebrate Father's Day. Oak Foundation and ISSA are taking this chance to advocate for the importance of promoting gender equity and young children’s wellbeing through male caregiver involvement. 

The celebration of Father’s Day is a time to honor fathers for the significant role they play in their families and societies.

On 17th June 2019, the ISSA Conference will mark this occasion with a pre-conference workshop on fathers and male caregivers’ involvement in early-years parenting. Hosted by ISSA and Oak Foundation, this workshop will celebrate fatherhood and shed new light on how fatherhood and gender equity uniquely contribute to responsive care-giving. 

Setting the stage

Several field leaders who promote gender justice and responsive caregiving through gender equity and engagement of men and boys (in partnership with women and girls) will share their inspiring approaches and experiences. The workshop will focus on the latest data and noteworthy practice in the field of father and male caregiver involvement and gender equity programs and policies.

Who will you hear from?

Promundo, the global leader in promoting gender justice and preventing violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women and girls, will run an interactive session on their renowned Program P, which provides concrete strategies and activities to engage men globally in active fatherhood from their partner’s pregnancies through their children’s early years.

AÇEV – a leading organization in Turkey and beyond that strives to make sure that every child is safe, healthy, happy, and educated – will present the influential Father Support Program (FSP), which aims to create attitudinal and behavioral change in fathers, and build mutual, affectionate relationships with their children through the use of effective parenting methods.

Rutgers is an international organization that connects research, practice and advocacy. Their work is characterized by an inclusive and activist approach to sexual education, improved access to contraception and safe abortion, and the prevention of sexual violence. Rutgers advocacy officers will share their insights and lessons learnt from a successful advocacy campaign in the Netherlands on how to improve national family-friendly and paternity leave policies. The program will delve into the diverse advocacy and campaign strategies taken by the Dutch Fatherhood Platform.

Stay tuned, soon we will share more information on workshop presentations, as well as the agenda of this pre-conference workshop.

Learn more, and find out how to register, here. Still not sure if you’ll attend the ISSA Conference 2019, Get in touch to ask a question.