Date: 17-04-2019

NEWS - Unveiling Pre-conference Workshop #1

On 17 June 2019 we have nine highly informative Pre-conference Workshops you can join. Are you coming to Leiden a day ahead of the Conference? Consider attending a pre-conference workshop.

#1 Pre-conference Workshop: Cities for the Youngest Residents - Practical Solutions for Nurturing Environments

Offered by ISSA and the Bernard van Leer Foundation


This one-day workshop aims to facilitate shared learning and exchange of note-worthy examples among representatives of municipalities, who are responsible for the development and implementation of policies or services impacting young children’s lives. 

The Theme

Today, more than a billion children live in cities, though they are often ignored in city planning on the micro (street), mezzo (neighborhood) and macro (city) levels. Cities can be wonderful places to grow up, but they can also pose serious challenges for healthy child development – with consequences for the next generation of adults. The Bernard van Leer Foundation’s Urban95 pilots scale-up innovations in:

  • Public space
  • Mobility
  • Data management
  • Parent coaching

This workshop taps into the experiences among cities engaged in Urban95 as well as in the experience of other cities in Europe.


During the workshop, interactive sessions will be combined with presentations.  A marketplace will be organized for participants to exchange materials, tools and information.

Interactive sessions and presentations will be delivered by city representatives sharing from their work in improving: the public space, mobility, data management or parent coaching. Examples of noteworthy practice will be also shared. 

Full description and registration details HERE. This workshop is an opportunity to dive further into a topic that was addressed in the webinar Building Better Cities for Young Children - Working Together to Improve Young Children's Wellbeing. Listen to the webinar HERE.