Date: 08-05-2019

NEWS - Where Local Practice meets Global Reality

In June of this year, participants will gather together for two days of insights from the Early Childhood Development field on the topic of Nurturing Environments. This theme draws attention to the systemic nature of environments and the shared responsibility we hold for these places in which children live, learn, play and develop.

This theme also highlights an important aspect of ISSA Conferences – the nurturing that takes place. Fostering new knowledge, innovative ideas and strong relationships, the ISSA network invites participants to join the nurturing environment of the ISSA Conference 2019.

See what participants from ISSA Member organizations have had to say about past Conferences.

ISSA is a network. It is all about networking. In this digital age, knowledge is easy to come by. Meetings are not so much about knowledge, it is about seeing people, seeing their commitment, shaping new ideas and being able to witness ideas in different settings.

 – Elena Misik
Program Manager, Step By Step Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Macedonia


 I’ve taken inspiring ideas from the ISSA Conference. It is very important to hear that people over the world have the same problems. Sometimes, in early childhood, it can sound to outsiders like it is not a very important issue, or it is a common issue. In fact, this is the most important issue. This is our future. That is why the ISSA Conference is so important. In my country, I don’t have many projects that I can compare to or grow with. So, that is very important – to hear other stories.

-   Eva Strmljan Kreslin
Director, Association Mala ulica - Center for children and families in Ljubljana




I took part in ISSA Conference 2016 in Lithuania. Already there I could see that the success of the ISSA network is growing and the gravitational pull of early years providers, academics and advocates coming towards ISSA is on the increase, which is delightful. When I come to the European network, my main attraction is the European practice, and ISSA is the specialist to bring it all together. For instance, during the panel on practices from various countries, you can pick and choose what fits best into your context. So it's the local practice which is going into global reality.

 - Mehnaz Aziz,
Member National Assembly - Pakistan, President - Parwaan, Founding Director - Children’s Global Network Pakistan (CGNP)

 You can register for this year’s ISSA Conference here. 

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