Date: 02-06-2020

Online workshop: Using Behavioural Economics to promote ‘better’ behaviour

Anyone involved in early years is keen to encourage others to behave more responsibly, socially, and positively. This can range from encouraging fathers to be more involved in parenting, to encouraging hygiene among children in coronavirus times, and persuading carers to act in ways that better support children’s development and learning.

One proven effective approach is to use techniques borrowed from decision science. These techniques combine psychological and neurological insights that demonstrate how you can affect people’s behaviours using simple powerful ‘nudges.’

ISSA and =mc Consulting offer this 6-hour online workshop to support organizations interested in using decision science to strengthen the impact of their programmes. 

We will look at how to:

  • Understand the key ideas underpinning decision science and behavioural economics
  • Appreciate how to affect our rational decision-making style or irrational one
  • Set up a ‘decision architecture’ to guide the audience’s decisions
  • Use several key heuristics such a FOMO, defaults and loss aversion
  • Affect the behaviour of adults in appropriate ways
  • Affect the behaviour of children in appropriate ways
  • Affect opinions and attitudes in the general population

The days will involve:

  • Key practical advice for small to medium organisations
  • Case studies of success
  • Exercises and activities
  • The chance to ask practical questions online

You will leave with the skills and confidence to use decision science in your work. Plus, a full set of notes.

Dates and time

The programme takes place on 16 & 18 June, 11.00-12.30 CEST and 14.30-16.00 on both days.


The workshop is FREE for members of ISSA, AfECN, ANECD and ARNEC. Non-members can join for £97,61 (incl. VAT).

Programme leaders

Bernard Ross, Director, =mc consulting will lead. Bernard is a leading consultant working with charities worldwide. He wrote the groundbreaking book on decision science in the non-profit world, Change for Good.

Liana Ghent, Director of ISSA since 2006, will be the discussant. She has over 25 years nonprofit leadership experience. Under Liana, ISSA has expanded its programmatic portfolio and grown significantly both in reach and impact.


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