Date: 10-05-2019

NEWS - Call for Teachers Piloting Descriptors of Competence for Democratic Culture

The Intercultural Institute Timisoara invites teachers to contribute to the piloting of the descriptors of competences for democratic culture (CDC) for children under the age of 10 in the framework of the Council of Europe project “Competences for Democratic Culture”. The piloting of the descriptors of competences for democratic culture can be done exclusively by the teachers working with children under age 10 in any member state of the Council of Europe or a state signatory of the European Cultural Convention. The participation to the piloting process is voluntary.

During the piloting process you will:

  • go through a preparation module on an online platform,
  • prepare/adapt a set of educational activities to be done with children, implement them and observe the behavior of children,
  • record the results of the observation in an online questionnaire by May 31st 2019.

The whole process will take about ten hours per week, and will last for 3-4 weeks. However, teachers are welcome to pilot only a part of the descriptors which would take less time.

If you are a teacher working with children under age 10 and would like to be enrolled, following these steps:

  1. Access and create an account on the platform, with a username and a password.
  2. You will receive an e-mail to confirm the account creation.
    3. Log in the platform with the newly created account.
    4. Select the module “CDC Descriptors Children” from the list.
    5. Include the name of your school, the email or website of the school and the age of children you work with in your profile. To do that, click on your name (right upper corner), then click on profile and write the information in the description field.

With your username and password you can access the module on anytime and go through the tasks described.

You may ask for support at any time by writing an email to