Date: 21-07-2020

For Our Children Foundation is Hiring an Independent Consultant in Bulgaria

For Our Children Foundation (FOC) is looking for an independent consultant in Bulgaria to conduct an evaluation of the effectiveness and sustainability of FOC’s services for families and children and to draw lessons and recommendations for improving FOC’s social services management model.

For Our Children Foundation is a Bulgarian non-governmental organisation which has been supporting vulnerable children and their families since 1992. For Our Children Foundation is a successor to the British human rights organisations The European Children’s Trust, Christian Children’s Fund of Great Britain and Every Child. With its international experience and qualified expertise, the organisation piloted at national level the support for parents for prevention of child abandonment, foster care, short-term residential care, and created the first municipal teams of social workers for child protection. For 28 years now, FOC has been setting standards for professional social work and has been successful in integrating its practice child protection at national policy level. In recent years, FOC is also focusing on early childhood development (ECD) and is structuring its advocacy, research and services to promote access of all children to nurturing care in a family environment. FOC is a member of the International Step by Step Association (ISSA) and of other national, regional and international networks.

The evaluation that an independent consultant will conduct is expected to provide data on FOC’s services management model from the perspective of its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. It will document the strengths, areas for development, and lessons learnt and advise on measures for securing high management quality of the services for families and children. The findings and recommendations will contribute to a learning process which will enable the FOC to improve its model of services management and provide better support and opportunities for development to children and their families.

Interested individuals are requested to send their resume and a 3-page outline describing their approach to this assignment and how many days they are able to allocate to it by 10 August 2020 to Savelina Rusinova, Project Manager:

You can read more about the requirements and application process here.