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Milena Mihajlović,

Preschool Online Learning Community - video training

Under the initiative Preschool Online Learning Community, CIP-Center for Interactive Pedagogy partnered with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development to develop seven video trainings. The trainings include video and audio theoretical parts and presentations of inspirative practice, tasks for reflection, suggestions for additional resources, and ideas for horizontal learning of educators on the following topics:

1. Social-Emotional Learning of Preschool Children
2. Support the Development of Social-Emotional Learning
3. Digital Tools Facilitating Professional Development
4. Support the Well-Being and Resilience of Preschool Children
5. Supportive and Rule-Based Upbringing of Preschool Children
6. Support Vulnerable Families with Preschool Children
7. Creating Opportunities Stimulating the Development and Learning of Preschool Children

The video trainings were designed to support the competencies of preschool educators during the COVID-19 pandemic, to initiate a reflection on educational practice and further research and learning using different resources.

Based on 36 979 completed online evaluations, 99.2% of participants consider that materials and tasks enable learning as well as that tasks are encouraging thinking and exchange. 98.9% of participants noted that gained knowledge from video trainings can apply in their practice.

A set of brochures were also created to support parents of preschool children on distance while attending preschool and parental meetings were restricted due to COVID-19 pandemic.