Date: 28-09-2023

REYN Workshop focuses on quality early childhood development for Roma and Traveller Children

REYN Workshop focuses on quality early childhood development for Roma and Traveller Children

“Young Roma children face inequalities in many areas of their lives, development, and growth. Limited access to rights, opportunities, and services results in severe disparities between Roma and the majority population in terms of health, early learning and education, living conditions, safety and security, and opportunities for rounded development.”

With this statement, Aljosa Rudas, Program Manager at ISSA and REYN Coordinator started a session of ISSA Connects for Learning 2023 aimed at presenting the findings of the REYN Early Childhood Research Study, the outcome of “Breaking the silence”, a European research project that reveals the status of young Roma children and their families in 11 European countries. ISSA Members and partners learned about the crucial results highlighting the substantial challenges faced by Roma children through engaging activities. The Study includes a set of recommendations for coordinated European and national action.

Group conversations followed in a “REYN Café” where participants discussed how study data mirror reality in their own country, and ended with “REYN Talks”, with examples of successful efforts, initiatives and programs designed and implemented by National REYNs from Hungary, Croatia, Kosovo and Bulgaria.

Read more about REYN Research ‘Breaking the silence’ | Download REYN Early Childhood Research Study | Watch this video with introduction and “REYN Talks”

Are you an ISSA Member? You may access the recording of the full session and the presentation slides. Please write to if you work for an ISSA member organization and are unable to access the session materials via the event page.

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