Alexandra Marques, Maria João Cardona
Published in:
VBJK - Centre for Innovation in the Early Years, ERI - Educational Research Institute

Supporting the collaboration between ECEC core and assisting practitioners: Experiences of contextual professional development in two Portuguese pilot schools

In this report we present a description and reflection of the learning path carried out in Portugal, by the teams of Lisbon and Santarém. After a previous contextualization about the ECEC system in Portugal, we share information on the two institutions where the pilot studies took place (one located in Lisbon and the other in Santarém). 

The contents and methodologies of each learning path are presented through the description of the processes and learning carried out in each pilot. Both contents and methods were jointly defined by the teams of Lisbon and Santarém based on the objectives set out by the Value Project.

Finally, the report summarizes the findings and information resulting from the initial baseline, individual portfolio and focus group interviews carried out at the end of the learning path. This includes the main issues pointed out as well as an analysis of the aspects to be considered for the continuity of a consistent path of collaboration between ECEC core and assisting practitioners.