Date: 24-01-2024

Training module and guidebook developed to facilitate soft transitions from ECEC settings to primary school


Training module and guidebook developed to facilitate soft transitions from ECEC settings to primary school

From 2019 to 2022, the Transition Is our Mission (TIM) project consortium conducted research on smooth transitions between preschool and school, developed and implemented a training module, and created a guidebook. Their efforts aimed to raise awareness about the importance of ensuring smooth transitions for children as they moved from early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings to primary schools.

The consortium included three research institutions, three preschools, and three primary schools from Slovenia, Croatia, and Latvia—including ISSA Members Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education in Slovenia, Open Academy Step by Step in Croatia, and Center for Educational Initiatives in Latvia.

The consortium began by taking a snapshot of the situation in Slovenia, Croatia, and Latvia. Through online and offline questionnaires, they collected the perspectives of children and their parents as well as teachers in preschools and primary schools. This research at the national level gave insight into various practices that ensure smooth transitions for children from preschools to schools. Key findings were released on the project’s website.  

Training module

The training module—available in English, Slovak, Latvian, and Croatian—is designed for educators who provide training for preschool and school professionals and would like to include topics related to smooth transitions in their programs. It is designed for educators to improve the training of ECEC and school professionals.

The training was first conducted with 120 preschool and school professionals. Participants shared positive feedback with one mentioning they discovered, “new ideas about how the cooperation between kindergarten and school should look.”


Based on the training’s implementation, the consortium created a practical guidebook which emphasizes a holistic approach to support young children going through significant changes when transitioning from ECEC to primary school.

The guidebook focuses on professional, pedagogical, and developmental continuities. It acts as a practical tool for educators and policymakers, offering strategies to improve transition processes. By consolidating best practices and providing key guidelines, the guidebook assists educators in planning and executing effective transition strategies tailored to individual children’s needs, enduring a seamless educational transition.

To learn more about the Transition Is our Mission project and access the materials, visit their website.