Center for Preschool and Inclusive Education, Ilia State University, Georgia
Khatuna Dolidze,

University Based in-service Training in Early Education

University based in-service training in early childhood education (ECE) is an in-service programme for early childhood educators accredited by Ilia State University. In this program educators of children three to six year are trained in evidence based contemporary ECE practice. Courses include child development, child centred practices, holistic approach, ECE curriculums and methodology, physical environment, observation and assessment, social and emotional development, principles and practices of inclusive education, and advocacy.

The programme is implemented by experienced trainers and lecturers from Ilia State University and includes a practical component, including in-service supervision and coaching from mentors at Ilia. Post training monitoring and evaluation visits have documented the establishment of child centred and inclusive practices in most classrooms. To date, the programme has worked with over 300 educators, but has been limited in its scope due to its affordability for the participants and limited numbers of participants  in ach study stream. It is scalable if additional funding sources could be  accessed including those from the kindergartens, centres and kindergarten management agencies.