Early childhood educators: Supporting professionalism during COVID-19
Examples from Albania, Croatia, and the Netherlands

  Nobody imagined that childhood educators would have to leave their kindergartens and daycare centers to perform their demanding and complex profession from home, without any in-person interaction with children and their families. This sudden change asks early childhood educators to shift from being the greatest facilitator of a child’s learning and development in the indoor or outdoor kindergarten environment to being the greatest supporter of parents to ensure continuity in their child’s learning and development while at home. Nobody prepared educators for this change, yet they have to face it with professionalism. In this uncharted territory of early childhood service provision at distance, they must be supported. The ways in which those who have provided professional support to educators for years is changing. Now, we are together on this journey of learning and discovering, while jointly contributing to the wellbeing of every young child. In this webinar, panelists share examples from Albania, Croatia, and the Netherlands.  

Panelists and Moderator


Sanja Brajkovic – Director, Open Academy Step by Step (Croatia)
Simon Hay – Board Member, Child Care International and pedagogue Child Care KindeRdam in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
Gerda Sula  Director, Step by Step Center (Albania)
Mihaela Ionescu – Program Director, ISSA (the Netherlands)


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