ISSA unites and supports professionals to deliver high quality educational and care programs to children and their families.

While we also welcome individuals and profit-organizations to our ranks, the majority of our members currently are non-governmental organizations from over 40 countries.

What unifies all our members is their utmost commitment to improve access to quality early childhood education and care for all children from 0 to10 years old, and to support families and their communities. As we know, it really does take a village to raise a child!


On the photograph, the ISSA Board (2017), from left to right: Liana Ghent, Jeroen Aarssen, Jan van Ravens, Vesna Bajsanski-Agic, Batjargal Batkhuyag, Leslie Falconer, Henriette Heimgaertner & Elena Misik.



We empower our members through




Peer Learning Activities (PLA's): every year we finance joint actions and field visits through which members share learning and experience.



Access to the latest knowledge and research: we keep the ISSA network updated on the latest findings in the area of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services. Our Knowledge Hub contains a rich selection of resources for and from our member organizations. Via our newsletter, they are also kept informed about the launch of new publications in the ECEC field.



Professional development: ISSA regularly organizes workshops and trainings to help members improve their skills. Keep track of our event calendar for our latest offer.



ISSA Conference and networking events: our members have the chance to meet experts at our international conference and events. See the materials of ISSA Conference 2019 and save the date for ISSA Conference 2020!






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