ISSA, a learning community powered by the leading early childhood experts in Europe and Central Asia (ECA), unites and supports professionals and partners to deliver high quality, early years's services equitably. While ISSA is open to all interested individuals and organizations, its core members are non-governmental organizations from more than 40 countries. What characterizes ISSA's members is their commitment to work on equal access to quality education and care for all children from birth to 10, and to support families and the empowerment of practitioners in early years services.


We are committed to empower our members through:



Peer Learning Activities (PLA): every year we finance joint actions and field visits through which members share learning and experience.



Access to the latest knowledge and research: we keep the ISSA network updated on the latest findings in the area of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services. Our Publications section contains resources for members organizations only. Via our newsletter, they are also kept informed about the launch of new publications in the ECEC field.


Training: ISSA regularly organizes workshops and training to help members improve their skills.

ISSA Conference and networking events: our members have the chance to meet experts at our international conference and events. Read here how our member Ms Mehnaz Aziz experienced our latest international conference.






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