April 2020

ARNEC is pleased to host a series of webinars highlighting the important role of early childhood development (ECD) in responding to the unintentional impacts of COVID-19 as countries implement measures to contain the spread of the corona virus. These include ‘lockdown’ measures which meant closure...
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Public servants around the world have had to start navigating a swathe of new technologies for remote working, as work moves online in response to COVID-19. It can be tricky to navigate new systems and technologies for working remotely – and sometimes, to even know where to look for the technology...
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The United Nations has described the global scale and pace of education disruption from COVID-19 as “unparalleled”. Across the world, over a billion students are out of school, with numbers increasing each day. Education officials at all levels, in addition to parents and caregivers, are...
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October 2020

Mark your calendar for the next ISSA Conference, hosted in Belgrade, Serbia, in partnership with ISSA member CIP-Center for Interactive Pedagogy, Open Society Foundations and LEGO Foundation. With a particular focus on equity in early childhood, the Conference will continue to celebrate the...
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