Member in Focus

The strength of ISSA lies in its diverse membership with a wide range of expertise.

The Member in Focus shines a spotlight on ISSA Members to highlight their experience and contributions to the early childhood field. 


The PIQET consortium developed a set of nine quality principles for the recruitment, selection, training, and support of CPD educators.



Zsuzsa Laszlo an experienced Persona Doll Certified Trainer, shares her valuable insights, providing a deeper understanding of this approach.


ISSA Member in Kazakhstan hosted an online round table marking the country's commitment to inclusive education and community integration.


The impact of ISSA Member Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation’s work underscores the significance of integrating PFA into humanitarian efforts.


ISSA Member Center for Child Health and Development pilots assessment tool for promoting responsive caregiving in disadvantaged communities in Italy. 


Through mutual membership, ISSA welcomes two fellow associations as new Members.


ECD Platform is a non-governmental organization focused on building an early intervention network in the Czech Republic.


Transition Is our Mission aims to provide guidance for improved transitions for children moving from preschool to school.


ISSA Member Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step designed adaptable tools to teach critical thinking skills and social values.


ISSA Member Ensemble for Early Childhood Education created a three-year teacher training program to support socio-emotional learning (SEL) in early childhood.