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Association IRODA Parents of children with autism initiative

Association IRODA Parents of children with autism initiative


IRODA exists to advocate for the rights and interests of people with autism, and endeavours to ensure that they have access to quality services appropriate for their unique needs. IRODA aims to see persons with autism treated with dignity and respect, as valued members of society. IRODA’s current work includes: -raising awareness of autism to promote increased understanding of the needs of these children and their families amongst the medical and educational professions and the general public
-working in conjunction with the government and other non-governmental organizations to provide appropriate services for children and adolescents with autism and intellectual disabilities (1,5-19years old)
-providing training on early intervention, family centred models, inclusion and autism in a range of formats and setting for parents and professionals
-lobbying and providing relevant information to legislators in attempts to gain the rights denied to those on the autism spectrum.