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Dreamland Primary School

Dreamland Primary School
+40 722 646 377
Geographical Focus
National level
Type of organisation
Academic/Educational Entity
Main Activity Type
Service Provision
Quality PedagogyHealth ProgramsParenting SupportSocial inclusion special needs
Targeted Age Groups
Three to Six
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We believe in the harmonious development of children, so the slogan of our kindergarten is: Learn, Enjoy, Grow! The learning process is one that never ends. But in the early years of life, it is important for the young to have educational support to help them develop their thinking skills and personality in the years to come. That's why Dreamland Kindergarten proposes a creative environment based on practical learning models in which children will outline a series of personal values and skills.

Thus, at pre-school level we are following:
• The free and harmonious development of each child;
• Creating a creative personality;
• Improving the socialization capacity of the preschool child, in its relationship with other children, with adults or in its interaction with the environment;
• Supporting children in acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for future school activities, as well as their later life in society.

Our kindergarten focuses on creating a socializing environment that encourages interactions between children to teach them what respect means to others, and not only. Children are encouraged to think for themselves and find problem-solving without the help of adults, which enables them to develop their skills and at the same time increase their self-confidence. We want them to grow up and become courageous, confident in their own and balanced forces.

Our core values are:
• Tolerance
• Truth
• Conscience and respect for others
• Good manners
• Emotional support

Our Principles
At Dreamland we deal with:
• Developing a harmonious and long-lasting relationship with the families of the young;
• Continuous improvement of services and performance;
• Delivering a relevant educational process that will provide the child with an easy transition to the next level: primary school;
• Information through periodic reports and assessments, as well as inviting parents to individual discussions on the academic evolution of children.


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