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Know How Centre

Know How Centre
Novi Sad
+381 21 300 66 64
Geographical Focus
National level
Type of organisation
Main Activity Type
Service ProvisionCapacity BuildingAdvocacyResearch and knowledge
Child RightsAccess to ServicesParenting SupportSocial inclusion for Romani and migrant children
Targeted Age Groups
Birth to threeThree to SixSix to TenTen+
Members target groups
ChildrenVulnerable marginilized childrenParents/care-takersEducatorsHealth professionalsSocial workersParaprofessionalsManagers of servicesPolicy makersLocal authoritiesHigher education staffStudentsPractitionioners with Romani background


The Know How Center is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organization established to achieve objectives in the field of personal, organizational and social development. Its basic statutory objective is to contribute to the development of an inclusive society by improving personal and professional potentials and capacities of children, young people and adults. It also seeks to promote capacities on NGOs and other organizations and institutions in the region as well as to empower local communities and promote partnership and networking at all levels. Our work is currently being implemented through the three strategic programs: Roma ınclusıon support program, Program for children and families, and Youth program.
Our Vision is a developed inclusive society in which the Know How Center is recognized as an innovative organization, open to challenges, learning and cooperation.
Our Mission is to develop communities by including and advocating for vulnerable groups as well as by initiating and providing innovative services.


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Resources and practices

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An Integrated Approach to Educational Inclusion: Support for Early Development in Preventing Early Leaving/Drop-Out of Roma Children from the Education System

Full Title: Integralno dićhipe sićimašće inkluzijako: ažutipe rane barjarimasko ande funkcija e prevencijako...

Outreach Work in Support to ECD of Children from Marginalized Groups-Manual for Organizations & Outreach Workers

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