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Community Foundation Step by Step

Community Foundation Step by Step
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Capacity BuildingConsultancyPolicy developmentAdvocacyMonitoring and EvaluationPublishing
Quality PedagogyChild RightsAccess to ServicesParenting SupportSocial inclusion special needs
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ChildrenVulnerable marginilized childrenParents/care-takersEducatorsSocial workersSupervisors (inspectors)Policy makersLocal authoritiesHigher education staffStudentsPractitioners with migrant backgroundIn-service training providers


Our mission is to support early education reforms in the country;
• implement pedagogical standards to increase professional level of teachers
• provide quality care and educational services to all children
• provide parents’ and community involvement
Growth and development of future generation depend on access to quality care and education of each child. We have successfully move to promote implementing of ISSA pedagogy principles of quality to increase professional level of teachers. Much attention is given to parents and community participation to build of trust bridges and develop children’s potential in effective communication and interactions. Organization advocates stakeholders to support providing high quality care and educational services for all children from birth through primary school and create conditions to become active members of democratic knowledge societies. We raise awareness of the importance of quality care and education, develop resources, disseminate information of best practice and encourage teachers and families to understand the significant role of families and community involvement in child’s development and become active citizens of society.


Date: 20-04-2021

Knowledge in the Hands of Users: Creative Ways of Sharing Early Childhood Matters

For a second year in a row, the ISSA Secretariat supported the dissemination of the international journal Early Childhood Matters articles through its Members in 12 countries.

Resources and practices

Course on the ISSA Principles of Quality Pedagogy

Inclusion of a course on the ISSA Principles of Quality Pedagogy for fourth year students at the Kazakh Women's University in Almaty, and three methodological training centres in Kysyforda, Zhambul, and Semey regions with co-financing. 

Growing Together

The Growing Together project consisted of three parts: improving preschool education practices by using the ISSA Principles of Quality Pedagogy and parent and community involvement; building community and  partnerships at the primary school level, and parental education. The project's results were disseminated through Ministry of Education and other agencies.