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Partners Hungary Foundation

Partners Hungary Foundation
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Geographical Focus
National levelInternational level
Type of organisation
Main Activity Type
Service ProvisionCapacity Building
Quality PedagogyAccess to ServicesParenting SupportSocial inclusion for Romani and migrant children
Targeted Age Groups
Birth to threeThree to SixSix to TenTen+
Members target groups
ChildrenVulnerable marginilized childrenParents/care-takersEducatorsSocial workersLocal authoritiesPractitionioners with Romani backgroundIn-service training providers


We want to contribute to the development of a multi-cultural, tolerant society that lives in harmony with its environment and nature, and which is able to integrate the values of different cultures both on an individual and societal level. We want to create a society in which there are structures available for the establishment of equal opportunities.
Strategic Sectors of Intervention
1. Democracy building and conflict resolution
2. Roma integration through the development of local communities and public services
3. Supporting Gender equality
4. Building bridges between sectors – supporting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
5. Development, design and implementation of different training programs


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Workshop about the effects of segregated education of Roma children

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International Conference to focus on transforming the future of Early Childhood Development


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Resources and practices

Group reflection as a motor for high-quality educational practice. An inspirational travel guide for practitioners and leaders in ECEC and primary schools

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Toolkit to bring play and inclusion to refugees living in remote communities

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Supporting Social and Emotional Well-Being of Children in Early Childhood Education and Care through Team Reflection

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The WANDA Method: Overview and Steps Forward

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