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Aflatoun Child Savings International

Aflatoun Child Savings International
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Children have enormous potential. They have judgment, act on their own, lead others, or work as part of a team. These are skills that are often underdeveloped or go unnoticed, despite the profound impact that these abilities may have on their future and the world
Aflatoun seeks to harness this early period in a child’s life and give them an educational experience that leaves them with positive associations with money and social change. Childhood is a precious time, where exploration, learning and character development are key. By teaching basic social and financial skills, and providing children with practical experience, Aflatoun hopes that they will believe in themselves and their ability to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of people around them.
Our core concept is a balanced curriculum of social and financial education providing essential life skills. Social education includes personal understanding, emotional literacy, ethics, and cooperation, appreciation of diversity and gender equality, as well as activism as a means of achieving justice. This is the broad social context within which financial literacy is taught. The power of Aflatoun as a tool for tackling poverty and promoting equality comes about precisely because these two spheres are allowed to cross-fertilize. A crucial component of Aflatoun is that children feel the social benefits of saving and enterprise beyond mere individual advancement. Income gives them the financial muscle that enables them to secure their entitlements. That small coin allows a child to ride a bus to school or meet other peripheral costs that persist despite government promises of universal free primary education. Female emancipation too is directly linked to girls’ ability to generate income. Income can provide a girl with options other than early marriage. Women who can contribute to the family finances have more say in decisions. And there are other profound cultural learning. Children learn that putting aside even tiny sums of money regularly enables them to realize modest dreams. A yearned-for pencil can be bought. The deeper implication is that children realize saving can increase their control of their futures. Apathy is dispelled, agency ensues.


Date: 09-08-2017

AFLATOUN conference on early childhood education in the Ukraine

ISSA member AFLATOUN started their early years programme Aflatot to strengthen the early childhood education in Ukraine.

Date: 15-04-2014

ISSA welcomes 15 new members

  • The association is proud to receive a large number of new full and affiliate members from different European countries, including Belgium, France, Greece and The Netherlands, thus expanding its presence in Western Europe.
Date: 22-03-2017

Evidence brief from Aflatoun’s Aflatot program highlights the value of playful, meaningful learning

ISSA member Aflatoun’s Aflatot program published an evidence brief in March, which indicates that Aflatot succeeds in improving the socioemotional outcomes for children.