New partnership focuses on scaling-up quality services and promoting an exchange of knowledge on playful parenting.


Joan Lombardi, international expert, advocate and thought leader on child and family policy, shares a reflection for an uncertain time.


ISSA is working to support and bring our community of professionals closer together across Europe and Central Asia.


Multimedia tools supporting parents to talk to their chidlren about difficult and challenging issues.


WHO has launched its Guideline on Improving Early Childhood Development using the Nurturing Care Framework (NCF).


The European Parliament has been advocating for the introduction of a Child Guarantee that would help to alleviate poverty and social exclusion for children in Europe.


ISSA conducts a qualitative study to inform and guide the development of a framework to strengthen the capacity of parent and child health nurses in Israel to support parents.


“I strongly believe that social inclusion starts with young children and their eagerness to play,” posts Slovenian MEP Tanja Fajon on Twitter, after the recent Pop-Up Museum she hosted at the European Parliament.


This week, the partners of the EDUCAS project spent three days in Ghent and Bruges for a Transnational Learning Activity. The meeting brought together project partners from Lithuania, Italy, and Belgium, as well as Zorica Trikic, Senior Program Manager at ISSA.


Following the successful implementation of the 'Primokiz approach' in Switzerland, Germany, and currently under implementation in Romania, the Jacobs Foundation and ISSA are teaming up again, this time in Slovenia.