ISSA Member Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step designed adaptable tools to teach critical thinking skills and social values.


The Green Learning Community (GREELCO) project launches its platform, which serves as an online communication and collaboration hub that connects Early Childhood Education and Care professionals across Europe.


ISSA Member Ensemble for Early Childhood Education created a three-year teacher training program to support socio-emotional learning (SEL) in early childhood.


ISSA Member Balkan Sunflowers Kosova’s complementary year-round curriculum encourages practical and Socio-Emotional Learning activities.


In the picturesque Hungarian settlement of Rábapatán, Kálmán Jutasi's transitions from former mayor to a passionate advocate for early childhood development.


Launched in early 2023, the Engaging Men in Nurturing Care initiative is working to foster gender equality in caregiving.


In 2023, REYN focused on working with key stakeholders in Europe to stimulate for policy action to improve the status of young Roma children and their families.


  When Olena and her daughter faced a harrowing ordeal during the war in Ukraine, ISSA Member's "Station of Hope" provided refuge. 


The ISSA network continued a strategic and adaptive approach to support families impacted by the war in Ukraine in 2023.


The ECWI began a new phase in 2023 and continues advocating for the early childhood workforce.