The ISSA network continued a strategic and adaptive approach to support families impacted by the war in Ukraine in 2023.


The ECWI began a new phase in 2023 and continues advocating for the early childhood workforce.


Health Systems for Early Child Development initiative celebrates its first year, focused on aiding policymakers and health workers to prioritize child development and nurturing care.


FYFP's 2023 marked significant advocacy achievements and set the stage to focus on the 2024 European Elections.


ISSA Member Center for Educational Initiatives hosts 14th Regional Conference of the Community of Innovative Teachers  in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


Since 2022, ISSA Member Neohumanist Education Association has been working to build community resilience of Ukrainians living through war.


New analysis released under the PIQET consortium sheds light on professionals delivering in-service Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for professionals in centers and schools.


Our joint responsibility demands that we uphold international legal conventions and provide swift humanitarian aid and protection to those in need.


Nuri Hidoyat, is a non-governmental organization in Tajikistan which works to ensure that every child has access to quality, holistic and inclusive care and education. 


Think Equal is a global non-profit charity that aims to achieve a global system change in education through Social and Emotional Learning.