In honor of Children’s Day, the ISSA network joins together to save an essential program.  


‘At REYN, we aim to break through the negative cycle’


'Common goal helps strengthen community.'


The coordinator of REYN Bulgaria, Trust for Social Achievement (TSA), organized a grand meeting and see through in the Fakulteta Settlement outside Sofia. Fakulteta is one of the largest Roma settlements in Europe.


The Resource Modules for Home Visitors: Supporting Families for Nurturing Care from UNICEF ECARO & ISSA are launched for the Nurturing Care Framework for Early Childhood Development.


Ankie, you’ve been a strong voice in European advocacy for the improvement of Early Childhood Development in the past decades. What has improved and what needs improvement still?


Anke, you have developed trainings, tools and methodologies for the Early Childhood Development field for some time. What is so different or new about the 5 Steps to Quality Training that it needs our attention?


A new report from UNFPA and UNICEF makes the connection between intimate partner violence and violence against children.


In the past years, ISSA supported two member driven Peer Learning Activities based on the European Quality Framework. Now ISSA offers a first time training on the subject. What triggered the decision?


ISSA member, Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation, seeks a consultant to focus on transitional models from early childhood intervention to inclusive early education