PARENT brings a gender-synchronised approach (Program P) aiming to tackle the challenges of prevention and eradication of violence against women and children, by engaging men in co-responsible parenting and caregiving and promoting an equal share of unpaid care work.


With great sadness we share the news that that a beloved and treasured member of our network, Tatjana Pavlovski, has passed away. 


New Guidebook and Toolkit in Greek and English aim to support nursery and kindergarten teachers in refugee  camps and beyond. Both of the resources are made based on the experiences from  working with refugee and migrant children in Greece.


90 children, 3 to 6 years old from Belgium, Italy and Lithuania were asked to draw their favourite space of the school.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many unprecedented challenges for grassroots organizations and the communities they serve, especially those living in vulnerable and adverse context. The shock caused by this crisis is incomparable in terms of speed, scope, and intensity.


The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative launches the brand new User's Guide for the Home Visiting Workforce Needs Assessment Tool today.


TOY for Inclusion partners are handing the microphone to those who are working in the Play Hubs. 
Learn about the work of the Play Hub coordinators in 8 countries.


With great sadness we share the news that that a beloved and treasured member of our network, Lola Babaeva Ibragimovna, has passed away. 


Dream to grow: How to make Europe's Labor markets a place for all. 7 October 2020, 14:00 - 16:00 


Parents in Flanders, Belgium, tell through pictures what their children learn at home by playing. Two months without school and preschool. Two months without learning? Not at all, because playing is learning.