Discussing the needs of children entering Hungary from Ukraine, importance of safe spaces, and the opportunity for alliances at the municipality level to tackle exclusion. 


ISSA's first in-person training in Budapest brings together professionals from four countries to learn trauma-informed practices.


Thanks to the psychological first aid foundational training developed by ISSA, War Child and Amna, ISSA has provided capacity building to ISSA members on the ground in eight countries. 


A new ISSA Member “Open Hearts” empowers children with disabilities to improve the quality of their lives by promoting their social, educational, and economic inclusion.


In 2022, the ISSA Secretariat and Members distributed 195,000 copies of books in Ukrainian to children in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania.


Twelve training sessions in Psychological First Aid for 450 early childhood development practitioners were organized and delivered by the Centrul Step by Step in Romania. 


From February 2022, 8 million Ukrainian refugees were registered across Europe. Forty percent of these refugees are children.


Marking International Roma Day, the Romani Early Years Network, an intiative of ISSA, brings attention to an often-overlooked segment of the European population — young Roma children.


Six Early Childhood professionals working with Roma and marginalized children in Hungary were recognized during REYN Award 2022 that took place at the end of the last year.


In Bulgaria, ISSA Member For Our Children Foundation coordinated the training of 103 early years professionals in psychological first aid.