ISSA believes that diversity is a key feature of Europe.


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Over the last few weeks ISSA has added two new members to our burgeoning network which widens our influence across the globe. We now have our our first member from Pakistan, these two new members increase our membership to over 60 organisations. We extend a warm ISSA welcome to:


We are happy to announce that on September 14th and 15th, 2015 we are organizing a two day training on “Building a Roma Living Library” in Milan, Italy, as part of our capacity building program in cooperation with an ISSA member, ABCitta


Spring has arrived and brings 3 new members for our network. Our newest full member is Learning for Well-being Foundation from Amsterdam.


Creating opportunities for success: Multilingual learning environments for Romani children. Second Language training with REYN June 8th – June 10th 2015 Leiden, the Netherlands “If you talk to a man in a language he understands that goes to his head.


Measuring and Improving Quality in Early Childhood Environments


ISSA is delighted to welcome five new members to our ever expanding learning community. Our newest members come from Italy, France, Luxembourg and Russia. ABCittà Social Cooperative are based in Milan, Italy.


ISSA members may be interested in this free of charge online study opportunity related to resilience in children offered on Coursera.


The call for papers for the international DECET conference in collaboration with Newman University has been released. The conference will take place in Birmingham, UK, from Wednesday, 3rd to Friday 5th June, 2015.