The World Bank’s Annual Spring Meeting will for the 1st time, in its history since 1946, host a session on ECD. The Spring Meetings are a global forum where Ministers of Finance and Treasury gather to discuss key issues of global development.


ISSA Secretariat and members express their heartfelt congratulations to Step by Step Macedonia on the 15th anniversary of their foundation.


Over the last half century, the Bernard van Leer Foundation (BvLF) has worked in more than 50 countries and invested over half a billion dollars toward our mission: to improve opportunities for young children (0-8) growing up with social and economic disadvantage.


ISSA is a learning community powered by its members and every year we give our members an exclusive opportunity to learn from each other directly. ISSA's Peer Learning Activities are considered as high valued by the membership and 2015 was the most succesful and ambitious year to date.


Societies across the globe are experiencing rapid changes which affect children, their families and the practitioners working alongside them.


The segregation of Romani and Traveller children in schools and the prejudice inflicted on many Romani families across Europe has been brought sharply into focus over the last few years.


A consortium of Italian foundations, under the auspices of the Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years, united during the 3rd National Conference "Integrated systems and multilingualism" on January 27th 2016. Program Director, Mihaela Ionescu, represented ISSA.


The editors are seeking papers describing teacher's daily work and the academic and social successes achieved with their students in challenging teaching and learning environments.


ISSA is happy to announce its newest member NGO KHAM DELCHEVO from Macedonia.


“Reaching and Investing in Children at the Margins” was the title of the event co-hosted by ISSA and the Open Society Foundations in partnership with the National Academy of Sciences’ Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally, in Prague, November.