Early results from the InTrans project Italian case study point towards three fundamental areas of focus for local governments' development efforts of structural and pedagogical continuity between ECEC segments.


ISSA Member, the Neohumanist Education Association, works to build the capacity to provide psychological first aid at Romanian's border with Ukraine.


Erzsi Nagy from ISSA Member Partners Hungary Alapítvány shares how she has been helping Ukrainian refugees in Hungary.


Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development has made enormous efforts to address the needs of refugee children and families entering Romania from Ukraine.


For Our Children Foundation and Trust for Social Achievement are adapting their work to respond to the needs of families and children fleeing Ukraine.


ISSA seeks an innovative company to make a creative brand design and develop the website platform for a new initiative.


Today, International Roma Day, Romani Early Years Network (REYN) urges you to remember vulnerable Roma families who are facing additional hardships due to the war in Ukraine.


A monitoring and evaluation report released by the TOY for Inclusion consortium shows 4,536 people participated in activities organized by the Play Hubs in 2021.


ISSA Member NGO KHAM shares how their Roma adult education program is having a positive impact on their children.


ISSA and the Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation have developed a flyer to share educational resources for children and families.