ISSA Member, Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI) has opened a call for organizations who are responding to meet the needs of recently displaced communities from Ukraine.


Key findings of the Network Advantage Report in 2021 revealed the catalytic role and potential of the four early childhood regional networks (The Africa Early Childhood Network (AfECN), the 


Young children are disproportionately affected during times of war. The global community must act now.


Eurochild and ISSA urge Europe to make the first years of life the first priority in times of peace, and even more in times of war.


Over the past three years, the EDUCAS project has been working to contribute to creating child and family friendly learning spaces in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centers.


As part of their work to fight educational poverty and create growth opportunities from a young age, Associazione 21 Luglio have created two Play Hubs in Rome for children aged zero to three years and their families.


Children undergo various transitions during their early years. Previous research has clearly shown that smooth transitions support both children’s and their parents’ wellbeing. 


ISSA Member in Slovakia Wide Open School is an open non-profit organization focused on community development and lifelong learning in socially disadvantaged groups with an emphasis on families, especially with children in early age, and with an a


Last week, the partners of the Diversity+ project spent two days in Bratislava for the first in-person Transnational Partners Meeting warmly hosted by a project partner and ISSA Member Skola Do


Recent European studies show that quality of education and care in the early childhood depends on the presence of a professional and competent workforce.