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ISSA Member from Moldova Learned about Early Intervention in the Netherlands

Marina Calac, a pediatrician at the National Institute for Early Intervention, sharing her impressions on the study visit to the Netherlands. 

ISSA Welcomes a New Member: Kali Sara, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kali Sara is advocating for the socio–economic inclusion and empowerment of Roma people, conducting research and raising awareness about the challenges faced by Roma population. 

ISSA Welcomes a New member: CEF “School for All”, Kazakhstan

CEF “School for All” hopes to collaborate and build partnerships, share the information, promote good practices, design and apply joint proposals to the international organizations.

Psychological First Aid Training Guards Children’s Safety in Trostianets, Ukraine

Not a single kindergarten was open in the city of Trostianets that is in Sumy oblast in Ukraine in May of 2022.

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Support for Comprehensive Early Childhood Services - Primokiz Pilots    What is Primokiz? Primokiz is an evidence-based program developed by the Jacobs Foundation for increasing access to quality early childhood services for young children. The Jacobs Foundation has awarded ISSA the license, which...

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