Date: 19-12-2016

ISSA Member in Bosnia Herzegovina Launches Annual Teaching Award

Tags: ISSA news

The Center for Educational Initiatives Step by Step in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH), has launched a national Annual teaching award aimed at promoting innovative and high-quality preschool, primary and secondary school teachers, with special focus on practices that support development of critical thinking skills and social responsibility. Through a transparent and inclusive process, 50 teachers were selected as nominees in five categories, while five teachers received the first ever award for the most innovative teacher of the year in their category. The Awards were presented at the annual IN-event (innovation) in Sarajevo. The ceremony was followed by stories and videos widely disseminated in media with the aim of promoting the teaching profession, raise awareness about importance of investing in high quality teachers, and improve the image of teaching in society. Divided into 5 parts, the ceremony was connected to the categories. Nominees were presented by one of the award-committee members with short introduction about their particular field of education. Nominees had the opportunity to step on stage and enjoy the moment of recognition. A fanfare announced the winner of each category. Each of them had the opportunity to address the audience, and their stories were very touching and genuine. It was very clear from the beginning that this event was not about awards but about being proud to be a teacher and about the recognition. The winners for 2016 are:

  1. Preschool: Desanka Pandilovski i Biljana Arsenović, Bijeljina
  2. Primary: Amela Mešić, Donja Mahala, Orašje
  3. Upper primary: Duško Krsmanović, Foča
  4. Secondary: Haris Hamzić, Sarajevo
  5. Associates (pedagogues, psychologists): Emina Alešević, Bužim

After the Ceremony we organized party were participants had opportunity to celebrate with their friends and family members. Additional photos can be found .