Date: 02-06-2016

EYRA launches Manifesto

On June 1st, as many countries around the globe celebrated Children’s Day, the Early Years Regional Alliance (EYRA) released their Manifesto.. An inspiring declaration of the common values, beliefs and intentions, of the Alliance, for the rights of young children, it is hoped that the Manifesto will be a powerful tool for NGOs and practitioners advocacating for the rights of young children. The Manifesto is available to read, download, print and share on the EYRA website: Coincidentally, June 1st was also Global Day of Parents and to mark this, EYRA also shared a set of resources to support parents and children. These resources have been compiled in a partnership project with UNICEF’s Regional Office for CEECIS. As highlighted in the Manifesto: “Young children thrive in nurturing, responsive, stimulating and safe family environments” : in the database of Parenting Resources, EYRA recommends articles, websites and training ideas which are intended to support strong and positive relationships between parents and young children, and stimulate a confident home-learning environment.