Date: 30-05-2016

New Publication from ISSA

Tags: ISSA news

Building on the network’s vast expertise of providing professional development support for those who work with children under three years of age, ISSA developed A Quality Framework for Early Childhood Practices in Services for Children under Three Years Old. The publication, which explicitly addresses this special period of life, is a useful tool for anyone working with children under three, as well as for families. With this document, ISSA highlights the importance of putting very young children and their families at the centre of all early childhood interventions and programs provided through a diverse range of services. ISSA also acknowledges that, for this age group, a shared understanding of quality is crucial to consistently addressing a child’s uniqueness and very specific needs by all service providers across sectors (health, education and social welfare). There is a need, across the globe, for better coordination among agencies providing different kinds of services to infants, young children and their families. ISSA's Program Director, Dr Mihaela Ionescu said "We are delighted to share this document which is the result of a powerful collaboration among experts from the ISSA network, and beyond, over the past two years. We believe the Quality Framework for Early Childhood Practice in Services for Children under Three is a rich resource which delivers a real and valuable platform for dialogue and an inspiration for building competent early childhood systems." Read and download the document here.