Date: 15-04-2016

ISSA starts lining up conference Keynote Speakers

ISSA is excited and proud to announce two of the Keynote Speakers for ISSA Conference 2016 Early Childhood in Times of Rapid Change, was chosen as the title for the 2016 Annual Conference as a way of enabling the early childhood community of experts to discuss, explore and learn from each other about the changes we face in this era of accelerated development. We have also chosen a variety of Keynote Speakers whose wide-ranging knowledge and experience we hope will inspire our guests. Visit for all conference details.

Dr Nicholas Burnett is the Managing Director of and leads the global education portfolio at Results for Development Institute (R4D), focusing on early childhood development, out of school children, innovation in education, financing and innovative financing, secondary education and skills for employment, and education program evaluation.

Prof Lizbeth Goodman is Professor of Inclusive Design and Chair of Creative Technology Innovation in the College of Engineering and Architecture at University College Dublin, where she directs SMARTlab and the Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland at UCD.