Date: 24-02-2016

Vital NEW resources for REYN!

The segregation of Romani and Traveller children in schools and the prejudice inflicted on many Romani families across Europe has been brought sharply into focus over the last few years. Through ISSA's initiative, REYN - Romani Early Years Network, organizations and individuals members skilled in delivering quality early childhood services have been working with Roma children, families and practitioners to reverse these practices and give young Romani and Traveller children an equal chance from the very start. The Croatian national network of REYN, C-REYN, have recently developed two powerful short books which are intended to get to the heart of two obsticles which critically affect the wellbeing and future life chances of Romani children: language and poverty. Can you hear me? explores the work of supporting Roma children whose first language is not the national language, and how important it is to their personal development and self-esteem that their mother language is acknowledged, supported and developed. In the second guidebook, How Poverty Affects Children, explores the effects of poverty on young lives and offers practical advice on how schools can break the cycle of deprivation. Please download, use, and share these invaluable resource across your network! Join the movement #Join_REYN