Date: 16-12-2015

ISSA welcomes a new member

Tags: children, Roma

ISSA is happy to announce its newest member NGO KHAM DELCHEVO from Macedonia. NGO KHAM is a civic association which assists by informing, educating and influencing policies and the provision of services that help Roma people and other marginalized groups assert their rights to health care and to ensure a better education and economic status. Over the last three years their work has focused on the inclusion of Roma children in Kindergarden in Bregalnica region of Macedonia, providing paralegal support to families, and supporting access to health services for the Roma community. Each year, to celebrate the European week of the immunization, NGO KHAM distributes hygiene packages to all the newborn Roma children. Earlier this year NGO KHAM short film "Barriers in Access to Emergency Health Care" won the audience award Health Right Film Festival in Milan. You can watch the film here