Date: 16-09-2015

ISSA shares thoughts on the refugee crisis

ISSA believes that diversity is a key feature of Europe. As a union of nations founded on the values of respect for human rights and dignity, liberty, equality and democracy the European goal should be to create a society which embraces cultural, ethnic and religious diversity and not a society which closes its doors to making this a reality. While Europe strives to find solutions to this critical situation, we call on governments and civil society to keep the rights of the child central in their minds when dealing with the displaced families and children. These refugee children and their families are living in high-risk circumstances and need our full support to fulfill their rights immediately. Over the coming weeks and months, through the eyes of the children, we will learn what embracing diversity means in Europe. Their experiences and how we protect and prioritize children’s rights will play an important role in the development of individuals and citizens with lasting consequences for our family of nations and the union we will become in the future.