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Measuring and Improving Quality in Early Childhood Environments

Measuring and Improving Quality in Early Childhood Environments report reflects discussions and conclusions from the international consultation organized by ISSA, UNICEF, UNESCO and the Bernard van Leer Foundation, in partnership with the World Bank and the Brookings Institution met in in September 2015 in Leiden, the Netherlands to draw attention to the importance of measuring and improving quality in early childhood environments.

Early childhood experts and stakeholders representing different regions of the world, who have experience in the measurement and improvement of quality of early years services came together to identify points of consensus in measuring quality and future directions for increasing the strength, innovation and cultural applicability of quality measurement.

Discussions around quality in early childhood environments have increased in recent years, while dilemmas concerning methodology, measuring and consistency remain largely unresolved. The aim of the meeting was to establish an agenda around which these questions can be answered. 

This exceptional opportunity for specialists from around the world to converge and combine their thoughts and skills was held in Leiden’s Child Rights Home. 

You can read the full report here.