Zafeirakou, A., et al.
Published in:
ISSA - International Step by Step Association
The Netherlands

Early Childhood Development and Education in Emergencies: Country Profiles from the CEE/CIS Region

The publication, Early Childhood Development and Education in emergencies: country profiles from the CEE/CIS region presents the existing emergency preparedness resources and plans for protecting children’s rights and meeting their needs in five countries in the CEE/CIS region (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Tajikistan). It was created under the partnership project between UNICEF, ECARO and ISSA in 2009 with the purpose of showcasing an overview of the emergency context in the five countries, highlighting common issues which need to be addressed as countries further develop their emergency response and plans to ensure that young children are protected and their needs as well as needs of their families are met.