Date: 09-08-2017

AFLATOUN conference on early childhood education in the Ukraine

ISSA member AFLATOUN started their early years programme Aflatot to strengthen the early childhood education in Ukraine. The focus on Early Childhood Education in the Ukraine has been growing and improving over the last few years, thanks to the relentless efforts of committed educators and the leadership of the Ministry of Education. They all are focussing their work to move the country forward to take the education of its youngest citizens to a higher plan. In  February 2016, the programme was expanded to 16 regions in Ukraine with an implementation in 100 kindergartens, following a coordinators’ training that was carried out in Kiev.

This year, to celebrate this achievement and offer an opportunity to strengthen teachers’ professional practice, the Head of Preschool department with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, Tamara Viktorovna Panasiuk, organized an Aflatot specific conference with delegates from the 16 different regions. The participants engaged in presentations, discussions and/or activities to develop good practice and promote Aflatot as a core programme for children ages 3 to 6. It was a highly succesful and inspirational conference.

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