Date: 10-08-2017

ISSA hosts ISOTIS meeting on fairness in education

ISSA hosted a ISOTIS meeting with almost 50 experts from around the world. Watch this video where Professor Edward Melhuish, one of the leading members of ISOTIS, explains the focus of the meeting. Oxford Professor Melhuish is an expert in the ECED field and one of the leading members of ISOTIS, a research consortium focusing on equality and inclusive education.

During the two days in June, the attendees shared their views on themes like professionalism of the workforce, outreach and participation and virtual learning environment, titled “Tackling inequalities at their roots: new policies for fairness in education from early age".

Not only researchers, also developers like Peter Dixon were present at the meeting. Peter is the CEO of Storypark; a platform that includes parents in their children’s learning, and makes communication easier. And always with the child at the center. See what he has to say in this short clip.