Date: 10-08-2017

START meeting in Ghent, Belgium

ISSA member Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education from Slovenia is leading the consortium START. The project START aims to improve practices supporting children facing transitions from one educational setting to another (starting from childcare, through kindergarten and to primary school) and from one context to another (eg. from home environment to formal settings). It investigates how parents and practitioners can best 'accompany' children during these transition processes. 
In June, START had a partnership-meeting in Ghent, Belgium, to discuss the progress of the project activities in different countries, good practices and challenges.

The consortium consists of ten partners from different institutions such as preschools, primary schools, research institutions and universities from Slovenia, Italy, UK and Belgium.

ISSA is associated partner of the consortium. START was officially launched at the ISSA 2016 conference in Lithuania

Visit the projects website or Facebook page for more information.