Vandekerckhove, A., Trikic, Z.
Published in:
VBJK - Center for Innovation in the Early Years & CIP-Center for Interactive Pedagogy
Belgium, Serbia

Manual for Diversification of Programs for Preschool Education

Two ISSA members, CIP (Center for Interactive Pedagogy/Serbia) and VBJK/Belgium, co-authored this manual as a result of the work they carried out under two large projects in Serbia:

  • IMPRES Project – Improvement of Preschool Education in Serbia, with funding from the European Commission and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development/Serbia

  • Kindergarten without Borders: Expanding Early Learning Opportunities for Young Children - supported by UNICEF and IKEA.

Both projects have focused on creating conditions to increase the coverage of children age 3 to 5 in less developed areas of Serbia with high quality preschool programmes of different content and duration. For that it was
crucial  to  create  new  understanding  that  preschool  provision  can  be  improved  not  only  through  building new kindergartens and organizing full day programmes, but also through development of diversified programmes adjusted to the needs of children, parents and communities as well as to the capacities of Local Self-Governments.