Date: 28-11-2017

Tajikistan's IRODA produces video about the importance of parental interaction

The video "When Mom is near you" has been created by ISSA member organization IRODA, Parents of children with autism initiatives and project-partners. The project is supported by OSF, UK- "Expanding the ECI services through the parents involvement in the health system in Tajikistan" to help parents of children with special needs. The film shows the importance of parents' interaction with their children. It will be used to raise awareness on the importance of  family-centered early intervention and parental role in it. It is an advocacy tool for parents and professionals. The video, in Russian, will be shown on national TV channels, city health centers and early childhood centers or it can be watched at home. IRODA and the project partners will be training doctors of city health centers to identify the development delays of children as early as possible and refer children at risk to the appropriate ECI services. The video shows the importance of this early screening and identification of different delays, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This can help parents to identify and to recognize autism and other development disabilities early on, which is beneficial both for the children and parents.