Date: 07-12-2017

Inclusion for all: a Peer Learning Activity in Ukraine

ISSA member Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation organised a 1 day conference for REYN members as a Peer Learning Activity (PLA) in cooperation with Romanipen (Serbia) and Wide Open School (Slovakia) in Kiev. The 52 participants represented Roma NGOs and activists, ISSA members, education experts and practitioners and national and regional governments. They combined it with a 2 day conference with the title: Inclusion for all: education policy and practice, from birth to adulthood. This conference, between November 30 and December 1st, discussed the definition of inclusion. Some of the discussion areas were: Integration of vulnerable groups, Early Childhood Development and  Policy development. REYN-Ukraine members participated in discussion of wider meaning of inclusion of diversity of children and took the opportunity to hear international experts and ECD professionals. One of the main results of the event is the introduction of modern pedagogical and psychological methods for working with socially vulnerable groups of children, especially with Roma children. The event was organized in partnership with Roma Program Initiative (International Renaissance Foundation), OSF and other stakeholders. The conference was opened by First Lady Mrs. Poroshenko, who expressed her dedication to promote inclusive education.